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Sewing machines are mechanical devices that can quickly stitch fabric together with thread.  In recent decades, the sewing machine has been enhanced with a series of electromechanical and electronic features.  Using a sewing machine to sew your own clothes and soft home furnishings can be an enjoyable experience.  Not only can you make exactly the styles you want in your choice of fabric, but you can also create custom fashions and furnishings at a much lower cost; labor for custom sewing can be quite expensive.

sewing machine parts detail After Elias Howe invented the first American-Patented sewing machine (in 1846) and Isaac Singer built the first commercially successful sewing machine (during the 1850s), the time-consuming and laborious task of sewing garments became faster and easier.  High quality clothing could be produced quickly and at minimal expense.  Therefore, the first sewing machines were used in garment factories, where they were a key element of the industrial revolution.

Sewing machines are designed to operate with a loop stitch.  The simplest loop stitch is the chain stitch, which can be sewn quickly but can come undone easily.  The chain stitch works well for temporary stitching, but most sewing machines utilize a different loop stitch, called the lock-stitch, which is sturdier and more durable.  The lock-stitch is created by means of a shuttle hook and bobbin assembly, wherein the stitching mechanism pulls a loop of thread around another length of thread as it unspools from a bobbin.

sewing machine bobbins and thread Today, built-in computers and monitor displays are available on high-end sewing machines.  The computers drive the machines precisely, and computer programs can store different stitches internally.  These machines can also download patterns from a computer or the Internet.  Most of these machines sew a variety of buttonhole patterns and an array of stretch stitches.  Many have presser feet that allow you to do a wide variety of edges, tucks, and trim applications.  Some of these high-end machines also feature quilting and embroidery stitches. features convenient access to selected sewing machine dealers and manufacturers.  Whether you're sewing a beautiful dress or a baby blanket, window draperies or upholstery, you can add a whole new dimension to your sewing projects with an electronic sewing machine.

If you have never used a sewing machine, take a few lessons to learn how it works.  Before you know it, you will be operating your sewing machine with ease!  For those of you who are experienced sewers, check out the new models offered by the sewing machine manufacturers listed below.

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    Shop for a broad selection of sewing machines, feet, and accessories.  Find popular sewing machine brands, plus sergers and overlocks, embroidery machines, knitting machines, quilting machines, and smocking pleaters.  Featured listing.

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    News and information about home embroidery, sewing machines, accessories, and sewing, quilting, and crafts projects.
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    "Brands you know, the name you can trust, designs for the way you live."

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